SSC Exam Routine 2023 Dhaka: Dates, Tips, and Download

SSC Exam Routine

Exam ​Schedule for SSC ​2023 for ​Dhaka Board

You’re ​undoubtedly excited ​to obtain the ​SSC Exam ​Schedule for 2023 ​if you ​intend to take ​the SSC ​Exam in 2023. ​A lot ​of students, who ​are unclear ​of when their ​examinations are, ​are eagerly expecting ​this schedule.

​In Bangladesh, more ​than ten ​lakh students sit ​for the ​SSC exam administered ​by the ​Technical Education Board, ​Madrasah, and ​General Education Board ​each year. ​Should you be ​among these ​applicants, you should ​be aware ​that your 2023 ​SSC exam ​is slated for ​either February ​or March of ​the following ​year.

It is ​noteworthy that ​the Ministry of ​Education has ​earlier said that ​a condensed ​syllabus will be ​used for ​the 2023 SSC ​exam. Don’t ​worry if you ​haven’t received ​the SSC Exam ​Routine for ​2023 yet or ​if you’re ​not familiar with ​the specifics. ​We will present ​you all ​the important details ​regarding your ​SSC exam routine ​in this ​article.

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Exam Schedule ​for SSC ​in 2023

The ​nine general ​education boards in ​Bangladesh have ​simultaneously issued the ​much anticipated ​SSC (Secondary School ​Certificate) and ​comparable test dates. ​The Dhaka ​Education Board is ​in charge ​of making the ​timetable public. ​Furthermore, distinct timetables ​are created ​for Madrasas and ​Technical Education ​Boards, which are ​supervised by ​their respective boards.

​Students’ academic ​progress has been ​delayed during ​the last two ​years due ​to the closure ​of educational ​institutions due to ​the COVID-19 ​pandemic. In response, ​the Ministry ​of Education has ​decided to ​use a condensed ​syllabus for ​the forthcoming SSC ​exams, which ​will be held ​in 2022 ​and 2023.

The ​goal of ​this action is ​to assist ​students in recovering ​from the ​disruptions to their ​education and ​improving their exam ​scores. The ​SSC test schedule ​for 2023 ​has been developed ​by the ​Board of Secondary ​and Higher ​Secondary Education and ​the Dhaka ​Education Board in ​accordance with ​this decision. It ​is essential ​that students who ​intend to ​take the SSC ​exam in ​2023 become familiar ​with the ​curriculum and testing ​procedures as ​outlined by the ​Ministry of ​Education.”

Exam Schedule ​for SSC ​2023 in Bangladesh

​Education Minister ​Dr. Dipu Moni ​said on ​April 12, 2022, ​that a ​shortened syllabus will ​be used ​for the SSC ​(Secondary School ​Certificate) exam the ​following year. ​The COVID-19 pandemic, ​which had ​resulted in exam ​delays for ​the 2022 SSC, ​prompted this ​decision. As a ​result, the ​Ministry of Education ​and Education ​Boards will need ​some time ​to finish these ​tests.

Consequently, ​there can be ​a little ​postponement of the ​2023 SSC ​examination. The SSC ​exam for ​2022 began in ​September and ​is expected to ​end in ​mid-October, as many ​of you ​are aware. The ​emphasis will ​next turn to ​releasing the ​results, which will ​be followed ​by the requirement ​to postpone ​the Higher Secondary ​Certificate (HSC) ​tests.

Given this ​schedule, it ​makes sense to ​assume that ​the SSC exam ​for 2023 ​will probably take ​place in ​March, April, or ​May. As ​a result, I ​highly advise ​those of you ​who intend ​to take the ​SSC exam ​in 2023 to ​start learning ​about the format ​of the ​test right away ​and modify ​your study strategies ​accordingly.

The ​education board’s examination ​procedure often ​takes two to ​three months ​at the very ​least. This ​time is required ​to make ​sure that everything ​is set ​up correctly, including ​any tests ​that may need ​to be ​retaken. It’s crucial ​to remember ​that student trial ​tests frequently ​occur before the ​final SSC ​exam, and the ​Dhaka Education ​Board and Ministry ​of Education ​have not yet ​made their ​schedule public.

From ​this angle, ​it’s clear that ​there is ​still some time ​until the ​SSC 2023 trial ​exam routine ​is made public. ​As a ​result, it makes ​sense to ​begin studying for ​the SSC ​exam right away. ​Get your ​SSC exam syllabus ​and make ​time for your ​studies to ​start.

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schedule for ​the Dhaka ​Board SSC exams ​in 2023

​The Board of ​Secondary and ​Higher Secondary Education ​and the ​Dhaka Education Board ​worked together ​to create the ​SSC exam ​schedule for 2023. ​Exam schedules ​for all nine ​General Education ​Boards under the ​Secondary and ​Higher Secondary Education ​Boards are ​coordinated so as ​to maintain ​uniformity and be ​released simultaneously.

​It is anticipated ​that the ​upcoming exam schedule, ​which includes ​the General Education ​Board exam, ​will adhere to ​the same ​format. As a ​result, you ​can discover the ​test schedule ​for the Dhaka ​Education Board ​as well as ​the schedule ​for all other ​education boards ​that fall under ​the Secondary ​and Higher Secondary ​Education Board ​right here. The ​Department of ​Secondary and Higher ​Secondary Education’s ​official website,, ​has the ​SSC Exam Routine ​for 2023, ​which you may ​readily obtain. ​Just download it ​when you ​need it.

Additionally, ​the website ​of the Directorate ​of Secondary ​and Higher Secondary ​Education provides ​access to the ​SSC exam ​schedule for 2023 ​for all ​education boards. You ​can discover ​other important exam-related ​material here, ​in addition to ​the routine.

​We promise to ​support applicants ​like you by ​providing a ​range of exam-related ​data and ​learning materials. For ​this reason, ​we urge everyone ​who intends ​to take the ​SSC exam ​in 2023 to ​keep up ​their study and ​not wait ​for the regular ​schedule. Never ​forget that your ​thorough preparation ​and diligence will ​determine how ​well you perform ​on the ​test.

In summary

​For all ​of the candidates ​for SSC ​2023 who are ​excitedly anticipating ​the exam schedule, ​it is ​imperative that you ​continue your ​studies. Instead of ​sitting around ​doing nothing, put ​serious effort ​into your studies. ​A student’s ​life is greatly ​impacted by ​the SSC exam.

​Getting good ​grades and passing ​the SSC ​exam prepares students ​for higher ​education, which leads ​to exams ​for universities or ​medical schools. ​Thus, you should ​never undervalue ​the significance of ​the SSC ​exam. As soon ​as we ​learn anything new ​concerning the ​exam, we’ll be ​sure to ​post it on ​our website.

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