Your Comprehensive Guide to Mypayla Login: Navigating with Ease


What is MyPayLA?

The goal of the Inside LA Mobile app collection, which includes MyPayLA, is to improve public engagement and city services. This is how it works:

MyPayLA, also known as, appears to be a website designed just for the City of Los Angeles employees connected to the payroll system. Employees can usually ​log on ​to this website ​to view ​payroll-related information like ​pay stubs, ​tax forms, and ​other pertinent ​documents.

It is encouraged that you contact your HR department or the relevant administrative officials for assistance if you need help with the MyPayLA login process or have questions about accessing your payroll information if you work for the City of Los Angeles. They will provide you with the information and help you need to access your MyPayLA account.

I’m unable to give you particular login instructions for or any other unique website, but I can give you basic pointers on how to handle a typical login process. Here is a detailed instruction:

Here are the steps to access your MyPayLA account:

  • To access the website, use your computer browser and type its address into the address bar.
  • Look for a spot on the website’s front page where it reads “Login” or “Sign In.” You might discover this in a menu or toolbar, or it might be right in front of you.
  • Select the sign-in or log-in option. This will lead you to the following action.
  • Your login information must be entered on a new page after you are transferred there. These typically consist of a password and a username (or employee ID).
  • Enter your username and password into the corresponding fields with care. As you type, be sure to check for any errors.

If you are using a device that only you use and you see an option like “Remember Me” or “Keep me logged in,” choose it so that you can remain logged in on subsequent visits. It’s safer not to utilize this on devices that are shared, though.

After providing your log in details, click the “Login” or “Sign In” button.

You can access your MyPayLA account if your username and password are accurate. From there, you may access your payroll data and perform the necessary actions.

Remember that depending on the configuration of the website and any security measures in place, the precise steps may differ slightly. It’s a good idea to contact the appropriate support personnel if you experience any issues or require more assistance with the MyPayLA login process. That can be your human resources division or the website support staff.

Getting to MyPayLA:

Use these procedures to sign in to your MyPayLA account:

  • Go to;jsessionid=77lKK5vJ-gUalc1LCbOEKYxr to access the MyPayLA login page.
  • Enter the necessary data: The last six digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), your employee ID, and the four-digit payroll department code must all be input.
  • Select “login” from the menu.
  • MyPayLA’s Innovation and Performance Commission:
  • Visit for additional information about MyPayLA’s innovations and performance.

Using MyPayLA to get pay stubs and W-2s:

MyPayLA makes it simple to retrieve W-2 forms and pay stubs from the past and present for future reference, printing, and email. These documents can be easily accessed via the platform.

Mobile app for MyPayLA:

Additionally, a MyPayLA smartphone app is accessible. Accessing essential information, such as your gross and net wages, deductions, and leave balances, is made simple by this app’s user-friendly layout. You will be able to view and save copies of your paystubs and W-2s for future reference, printing, and emailing, just like on the internet.

You may access your payroll information while on the road by using the mobile app.

Please take note that the information and URLs supplied are current as of the time of this message, and you can use the links to access MyPayLA and related services by clicking on them.

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